Top 6 Beauty Products To Get For The Holidays

It’s that time of the year again where we are all wondering what to get who for the holidays.

Well, no need to worry, because I’ve got you covered honeyyyyyy *flips hair*!  Here are the top 6 beauty products I know your friends (or significant other) would just love as much as I do!  What makes this list even more AMAZE-BALLS is everything is under $70 bucks!  So, lets dive into it shall we?


1. Let the Good Times Roll (face and body cleanser) – $12.95 – $31.95



Gentle enough to use on your whole body!  This cleanser leaves your skin bright, clean, and smoother than a babies bottom (and definitely smelling a whole lot better too!).  Be sure to know that whoever you give a smooch to come NYE will be seriously impressed by your soft cheeks!


2. Boy Bait Lip Gloss – $21.00



Yes, you read that correctly: the gloss is named Boy Bait! And trust me, just like the name, the gloss helps with pulling the guys in! So, for all my lady boys, this is something you NEED to catch that guy you’ve been eyeing for weeks on end – one coat of this and he’ll come running over!

3. MAC Strobe Cream – $33.00 (travel size: $12.00)



The ultimate quick fix for the skin! This facial cream is a must have! Not only does it moisturize, but brightens your skin flawlessly. Honey, whether you’re shopping on 4th Ave or dancing you’re heart out at your fave bar, Strobe Cream will leave you looking (and feeling) warm and refreshed!


4. Frank Body Coffee Scrub – $18.95


We all love the feeling of soft and supple skin, and Frank is literally handing that to us on a silver platter! Frank’s Body Coffee Scrub is a natural exfoliator that leaves your skin soft and hydrated. So, as you and your partner cuddle by the fireplace, you can sparkle like the moon!


5. Carbon CoCo – $39.95



IF YOU HAVENT HEARD OF THIS PRODUCT, YOU’RE WELCOME! Trust me when I tell you that Carbon Coco is the best product for your teeth whitening needs! You’ll be super addicted to the amazing product from the get-go, and I know you want that perfect white power smile!


6. Makeup Forver Ultra HD Foundation – $43.00




For my ladies and lady boys, you know the struggle of finding the perfect foundation that matches your skin flawlessly. Well, Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD Foundation gives you an incredible natural finish for a liquid foundation.  You’ll look TV ready in no time!


So, what are you waiting for?  Hurry and get to the mall (or online stores via the links) before time runs out. Let me know how you and your friends love these products!



Until next time!


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Local Jewelry Store Has a Lot to be Thankful for

Local Jewelry Store Has a Lot to be Thankful for

Local Jewelry Store Has a Lot to be Thankful for

Nelson Estate Jewelers is nestled right in the heart of Dobson Ranch in Mesa, Arizona. They specialize in unique custom designs, true vintage and antique pieces, and they have a wonderful jeweler on site for expert jewelry repair services. They also buy from the public, meaning you can bring your old unworn jewelry pieces or inherited coin sets and sell them for quick cash or use them in trade toward new treasures!

The Journey

Owners David Nelson and his wife Aubrey sold all their assets (including 2 rental properties and a personal stash of gold and silver bullion) to give Nelson Estate Jewelers a running start back in 2017. David Nelson has been in the jewelry industry since he was just 15 years old and has worked for many of the big-name jewelers such as Ganem, Zales, Jared the Galleria of Jewelry, and E.D. Marshall Jewelers. David and Aubrey identified the need for an expert jeweler in their local community and recognized that the old way of doing things is antiquated. They set out to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere with realistic and transparent pricing that respects every client looking to either treat themselves to fine jewelry or express their love to someone special with a one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Many people in the community stood behind David & Aubrey, some even got their hands dirty and assisted with the actual buildout of the shop to support what Nelson Estate Jewelers was striving to become. Local artists Daron Rogers and Angel Rogers Photography proudly display their art pieces in the showroom. Nelson Estate Jewelers loves to display local art pieces as a small way to give back to the community. They also only charge $5 for watch batteries and donate the proceeds to United Food Bank!

Jewelry Experts

Currently, Nelson Estate Jewelers sells an average of 15 engagement rings per month, whether it be a stunning find in the case, a true period piece from the 1920’s, or a creative custom design built from scratch. David & Aubrey are so thankful to be a part of the special moments in their clients’ lives; engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and even birthdays and graduations. Since jewelry is all about self-expression and no two people are exactly alike, Nelson Estate Jewelers offers incredibly unique pieces as well as the ability to custom design any jewelry piece specific to the person wearing it.

Love for the Community

Nelson Estate Jewelers values its clients above all else; each client is seen, heard, and treated with respect. Rather than hard sales pitches, David & Aubrey focus on listening to needs. They work within specific budgets without sacrificing quality because they believe you shouldn’t have to break the bank to show someone how you feel. Building trust and friendships in their local community is far more important to them than playing insulting price games that you often find at big chain retail stores. The bottom line is that none of what Nelson Estate Jewelers has become would have been possible without the friends, family, and clients who stood behind them then and who continue to support them today.

For more information on Nelson Estate Jewelers visit

11 Lesbians In History You Don’t Know But Should

11 Lesbians In History You Don’t Know But Should

11 Lesbians In History You Don’t Know But Should

A few years ago, Huffington Post put together an amazing list of 11 Lesbians In History You Don’t Know But Should. In honor of International Women Day, we highlight those amazing women and give them thanks for their courage and contributions to our community.

When we think of our lesbian pioneers, women like Ellen DeGeneres and Billie Jean King presumably come to mind. But we at The Huffington Post wanted to teach you a little somethin’ somethin’ about your history in honor of October’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history month. Below, feast your eyes on a group of undaunted ladies who helped paved the way for women and their women-loving ways, and check out the video above for HuffPost Live’s full conversation on lesbian history from the ancient times to now.

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