DJ Turns Rep. Maxine Waters Into Club Hit

DJ Turns Rep. Maxine Waters Into Club Hit

Los Angeles DJ, Adam Joseph, has taken one of the most viral moments of 2017 with California Rep. Maxine Waters, and turned it into a club mix that makes us want to reclaim our time til 3 AM.

For those of you living under a rock, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) was not having it when Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin decided to dodge her basic questions in a Financial Services Committee hearing last Thursday

Waters repeatedly asked Mnuchin as to why his office failed to reply to a letter from her office about President Orange’s Voldemort’s financial ties to Russian banks. Rather than answering the question, Mnuchin did what Voldemort puppets do best and tried to dodge the question. Unfortunately for Mnuchin, his tactic of stalling with praise of Water’s many accomplishments didn’t work. It seems that she didn’t need her ego constantly stroked like certain people who shall remain nameless.

“I don’t want to take up my time with how great I am…”

-Maxine Waters

The internet immediately turned one epic woman’s stand into a meme for the ages.

#reclaimingmytime ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 2017

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What has us gagging though is singer, songwriter, and producer, Adam Joseph, and his take on the epic moment that is Waters (1) v. Mnuchin (0). Check out the full track below!