Come out and play in gay Denver!

There are two common misconceptions about Denver that must be corrected. The first one is that Denver is an unbearably cold city, covered in deep snow most of the time. The other one is that Denver is a conservative city which lacks an active gay community. Let’s get our facts straight and our lifestyle gay. First, The Mile High City has an average of 300 sunny days, competing with the Sunshine State and second, Denver is an open-minded city, with a laid-back and accepting attitude towards the gay culture. As a result, the city has one of the country’s largest gay communities.

Gay Denver, with its vibrant cultural scene and outdoor recreational options, knows how to appeal to LGBT travelers. There are few gay-popular neighborhoods, such as Lower Downtown (or LoDo), Capitol Hill, and South Broadway, where you can find anything from art galleries to shops, bars, and restaurants. Even places that are not advertised as “gay” are still very gay-friendly.

The bohemian Capitol Hill, Denver’s hub for artists and creative minds, is where most of the gay action takes place. Capitol Hill is where gay Denver throws its annual PrideFest, an event that draws around 250,000 guests. Drag shows, volleyball tournaments, rallies, street fairs, and a rainbow dress contest are some of the highlights of this annual celebration of the gay culture.

Besides a thriving nightlife, Denver is home to many attractions, outdoor or indoor. Located just a short drive away from the Rocky Mountains, there are plenty of activities: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, rafting, biking, camping, you name it!

If sports are what interest you, Denver is one of the few cities with four major sports teams and numerous stadiums. Moreover, the stadiums are all within a few blocks from each other and close to Denver‘s night scene.

Whether you want to party, watch a game, visit museums, or enjoy the great outdoors, Denver has something for everyone.