Best Tampa LGBT Bars & Clubs To Visit

Best Tampa LGBT Bars & Clubs To Visit

We can all agree that Florida is a beautiful and sunny place, filled with golden beaches and thrilling theme parks and enough palm trees to sink a ship. But what you might also know is that the seasons there don’t change, the plethora of retirees driving the wrong way on 41 will almost kill you daily, and there isn’t enough bug spray in the world to stop you from getting eaten alive by mosquitos year-round. To us, that kind of thing warrants a drink at a great LGBT bar. But when you’re visiting Tampa, where does one go for said beverage!?
Well, good news: Tampa is known for having a very large and diverse LGBT community, and that definitely means places to enjoy a cocktail on a pretty Tuesday afternoon, and/or somewhere to let loose and go crazy on a Saturday night. All in all, this list is what you need to make a quick decision!

Honey Pot

The Honey Pot has always been notorious for attracting a very young, fresh crowd on the weekends. Gays, lesbians, and everything in between – put your dancing shoes on, because this dance floor is hot!

Southern Nights

What used to be “G’s,” Southern Nights still gets some of the LGBT crowd! Cocktails, drag queens, go-go dancers, and hot bartenders…who could want more?

The Castle

Definitely one of Tampa’s best dance clubs, it’s also a great place to lounge – The Castle never fails to provide a good time. Indie pop, industrial, goth, electro, synth pop…the genres go on and on, and their drink specials are awesome.

Liquid Tampa

One of the hottest, high end, high energy nightclubs you’ll find in the entire state! With multi-themed nights, 3 bars, gogo boys, and circuit DJs, this place is a must!

City Side Lounge

One of Tampa’s premier LGBT hot spots! The venue has 3 bars, and their daily specials should be enough to keep you going back! 2-4-1 wells and beers?! Yes please!

Hamburger Mary’s

If you love great cocktails, tasty food, and the fiercest drag shows in town, then this is your place! Very popular, very fun, and very gay everything, make sure to have a reservation for this one!

Bradley’s on 7th

Super friendly Bradley’s is a place of good company, welcoming staff, and some of the best pours around! Drag queen divas make this place a fun go-to, and with no cover, how can you go wrong?

The Body Shop

This place is for the animal in you! Gay bears unite because, with ridiculous drink specials, live DJs, a hopping dance floor, and a cozy atmosphere, you’ll love it here!