Top 5 Fab Brunch Restaurants in Phoenix

Top 5 Fab Brunch Restaurants in Phoenix

Sunday Funday is always the best part of the weekend for some, and bittersweet for others (mostly because you realize that it’s the end of the weekend and tomorrow it’s back to reality…WORK AND ADULTING). Well, we’re here to help you shake off the Sunday blues and hop on the team Sunday Funday with the rest of us!  Here are our Top 5 brunch restaurants you need to try in Phoenix with some cool activities to do after fueling up on sparkling mimosae and bacon-infused Bloody Mary’s!


If you’re the friend that goes to brunch just for the alcohol, then this place is speaking your name! With $11 bottles of champagne (to make your own mimosas, duh) and $5 Bloody Mary’s, you can’t go wrong. They also know how to get the party started early with a live DJ inside spinning the latest tunes from Fifth Harmony to Jay-Z and Rihanna.  But, if drinking outside with the cool air and basking sun is more your speed, don’t worry – their HUGE outdoor patio won’t disappoint.

Ooh-Em-Gee did we forget the amazing food that you’ll need to sober up!?  You HAVE to try the “Oo-la-la french toast (sliced pretzel bread topped w/cream cheese frosting).  Can we say a party in your mouth!?

And, if after brunch you’re still in a party mood, stay for half-price booze (until 7 pm), and Karaoke Craziness (starts at 9 pm) with a reverse happy hour until close.


One drink, two drinks, three drinks – why not just buy the bar! And coming here for brunch? Trust me, you’ll be more than tempted to do so because they have $4 and $5 brunch cocktails! Let’s do not forget FEZ has the best deal in all of Downtown Phoenix!
With the large patio to the savory and delicious food, you won’t be disappointed.  From the FEZ benedict, breakfast panini, barbers beef hash & eggs, and baja breakfast, there’s something for everyone,  so pleaseeee indulge because your mouth is going to love you after!

The Oink Cafè

8 DIFFERENT TYPES OF BACON? Yes, you read that correctly.  They have 8 different types of bacon!  If this doesn’t make you wanna get out of your bed Sunday morning, that means you undertake weather and we need you to go on and find yourself the best LGBT-friendly doctor in your area!
Locally owned and operated (3 locations: Paradise Valley, Tucson, and Tempe), the Arizona natives started The Oink Cafe because they realized the Phoenix area need more breakfast choices (trust us, you can never have too many places to have bacon!)  So, they created The Oink Cafe.
With fresh ingredients and everything made from scratch, honeyyyy you’ll be in full love with this place at first oink!


For all our homebodies that like to eat breakfast in bed, don’t worry we have the perfect place for you!  Scramble prides itself on not only being a fast food breakfast restaurant but also having fresh and fantastic produce from local vendors and farmers.
And for all of our gluten-free and vegan friends, don’t you worry your pretty little heads because Scramble has you covered with a menu that caters to all your dietary needs.
From omelets, brizza (breakfast pizza), griddles, and fresh fruit they have more options then you can think of.  So, pick up the phone, call your order in, pick it up, head back home and have a relaxing Sunday Funday watching Netflix and chowin’ down!

Matt’s Big Breakfast

Featured on Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Drives”, this little gem is family owned and run with love and care.  Matt and his wife decided to open up and in Matt’s own words: “Locally owned mom and pops restaurant”, where EVERYTHING is cooked when ordered with fresh ingredients.  Matt says he doesn’t own a microwave or a freezer and makes waffle batter from scratch every 3 hours and the bacon is brought in every day from a local butcher!

Everything is delicious, from the Chop & Chik ( Two eggs and a skillet-seared pork rib chop served with toast and choice of potatoes) to the waffles (Made-from-scratch Belgium-style waffle, sweet cream butter and real maple syrup (2 oz.) with two slices of thick-cut bacon).  And honestly, from the taste of the food, you’ll become a regular and hooked to this places delectable food and overall charm!

Now get out there and do your Sunday Funday like a champ!  And don’t forget: if you visit any of these restaurants to check in on your lovely Gayborhood app!

Until next time!