Sarasota: A living proof that size doesn’t matter

Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, this small city of some 55,000+ residents is full of surprises – from its beautiful beaches, enchanting art scene, and good restaurants to its eclectic gay community.

An art-oriented city, with lots of writers, musicians, artists, and open-minded people living here, Sarasota has a rather impressive LGBT concentration for a city of its size. A Sarasota mainstay is the LGBT bowling league, League of Our Own. During their charity tournaments, more than 400 gay men and lesbians bowl in nothing but boxer shorts to raise money for charity.

Although Sarasota’s gay scene isn’t as expansive as that in larger coastal cities, it’s certainly blooming. A growing number of gay-friendly restaurants, bars, clubs, and shops bloom in downtown Sarasota. During the night, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight owls storm the streets looking for a good time.

Besides the vibrant nightlife, Sarasota is filled with museum, art galleries, restaurants, and shops. At St. Armand Circle, for example, you can find anything you want, from furniture to beachwear and antiques. Sarasota’s pride events attract thousands of people annually.