Katherine Heigl & Alexis Bledel Star As A Couple In “Jenny’s Wedding”

In a time when the LGBT community is finally receiving equal treatment under the law, and acceptance is something that more people have, actors Katherine Heigl and Alexis Bledel star in a movie together that shows one of the many struggles that same-sex couples have.


Jenny’s Wedding is a heartfelt and relatable movie, presenting a storyline that a good number of lesbian couples are all too familiar with. Heigl’s character, Jenny Farrell, lives an openly gay life – except around her conservative and conventional family.

When she finally decides to marry the woman she loves (Bledel’s character, Kitty), a whole new world of challenges and change is upon the Farrell family when they find out. Jenny’s Wedding treats the audience to very real reactions of families when their own children come out as LGBT, and while it’s no new storyline, it’s always important to be reminded of the struggles and turmoil people go through every day because of who they are.


If you are engaged or married to the woman you love, we want to see a picture of you two!

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Watch the Jenny’s Wedding trailer below:

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Supreme Court allows transgender military ban as the legal battle continues

Supreme Court allows transgender military ban as the legal battle continues

Supreme Court allows transgender military ban as the legal battle continues

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States has allowed President Donald Trump’s transgender military ban to go into effect; a ban that is both cruel and irrational to our community.

The policy was first announced by President Trump in July 2017 via Twitter. Since, the ban has faced legal battles in lower courts, resulting in nationwide injunctions prohibiting its implementation. SCOTUS’s decision today allows the ban to go into effect while the court decides whether to consider the merits of the case.

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Top 5 Fabulous Places To Ring In Your New Years

Top 5 Fabulous Places To Ring In Your New Years

Top 5 Fabulous Places To Ring In Your New Years

By Drew Friday for Gayborhood.

We ALL love a good New Year’s Eve extravagnza, but usually everyone’s first thought is that the ultimate destination for the beloved evening is New York City.

So, we felt like it was OUR mission to give you more options to choose from, especially if you love to travel! Here are the top 5 picks for a New Year’s Eve get away to remember:

1. New Orleans, LA

Celebrate NYE in Jackson Square with live music & performances counting down until the traditional fleur-de-lis drops.  They also have a legendary firework show above the Mississppi River, and if you wanted to get a closer view you can take a ride on the historical Creole Queen and Steamboat Natchez.  Enjoy a dinner cruise that includes live music and an open bar (who doesn’t want endless cocktails? Yassssss, queen!).  Now, if partying is more your scene, then head on over to Frenchmen Street where restaurants, bars, and clubs will keep you entertained until the wee hours of the morning!

2.  Las Vegas, NV

By now, you’re probably saying “Why is this on the list!?” Well, let me get you TO and GETHER and tell you why! We all know that Sin City is a really GOOD TIME! But, unlike New York, it has much warmer weather. The average high in January is 57 degrees, and in NYC the average high is 36 degrees (with the chance of snow and ain’t nobody gots time fo that). So, the real question is: would you rather be wild and free, or cold and frozen to your empty cocktail glass?  They also close the Vegas strip to traffic for a firework show that’s sure to put the ball drop in Time Square to shame.  And lastly, did I mention that it’s a city that NEVER SLEEPS and ALWAYS parties until you wake up in the bushes in front of Caesars Palace the following afternoon. And remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Go have some fun.

3. Denver, CO

If a family-friendly NYE experiance is more up your alley, then head to the Mile High City! Start your day at the Butterfly Pavilion where over 5,000 beautiful animals call home. You and the family will have an amazing experience with plenty of memories and pictures that you can embarrass the kids with when they’re older. Now, after explorling the tropical rainforst, grab a bite to eat and shop till you drop at the incredible 16th Street Denver Mall!

4. Orlando, FL

Who doesn’t LOVE spending quality time with Mickey & Minnie?!  Orlando, FL is the place to be for NYE, especially when both Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Epcot stay open later, to help make ringing in your New Year a truly magical evening to remember.  If you prefer partying the night away, dont worry – Orlando has you covered!  Go  shake your booty at Parliament House with the fierce Bianca Del Rio & fabulous Bob The Drag Queen (divas from RuPauls Drag Race)!  Trust me, they’ll help keep you entertained from the moment you walk through the door, to the time they playfully insult your friends, who will later be carrying you to your Uber!

5. Honalulu, HI

Yes, you read that correctly! From the most beautiful beaches, family-friendly resorts, fun activities, and quite affordable flights, Hawaii makes it onto the list! You can spend a relaxing night watching the fireworks on Waikiki Beach or go shake your tail feather at Aloha Tower with live music and bottomless cocktails (can we get a hallelujah!? *in my Madea voice*).  Trust me, this beautiful and romantic island wont dissapoint!

So, what are you waiting for? Go book your trip, take loads of pics, and let us know how your NYE night goes!