Saying I Love You Without Saying “I Love You”

Saying I Love You Without Saying “I Love You”

Every now and then, expressing your love for someone doesn’t need to come in the form of the words “I love you.” Instead, if you really do love someone, it will shine through via your actions and your thoughts. Consideration, kindness, and a display of appreciation are natural alternatives to the 3 word we all know so well.

So, here’s a list of things people say that will reassure you that you’re loved (or at least highly cared about) by them:

Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it for you.

Call me when you get there so I know you’re safe.

My phone will be right by my pillow.

I appreciate what you do for me.

I just wanted to hear your voice.

I’m very lucky to have you.

How did you sleep last night?

I hope you’re feeling better.

Don’t forget to put your seatbelt on.

How’s your day so far?

Watch your step.

Are you hungry? Can I get you something?

Sweet dreams.

I miss you.

I’m always here for you.

I wish I was there to see you.

What did I do to deserve someone as great as you?

I’m happy just to see you happy.

I wish this moment never ended.

Take an umbrella, it’s raining.

People speak from the heart in more ways than one.