Milwaukee has a deep history for being welcoming to the LGBT community. In fact, by the time the Stonewall Riots happened, Milwaukee had already seen 33 known gay bars open. This is more than its large, neighboring sister city ninety miles south, Chicago.

During the 2000s, Milwaukee experienced an amazing resurgence. Urban neighborhoods have been revitalized by community members and there has been a thriving dinning and retail scene. Milwaukee is not only known for the friendliness of its residents but also its fairly pleasant weather most of the year. This makes it a prime attraction for tourists and its affordability makes it a prime attraction for relocation.

Enjoying the coastline of Lake Michigan and only ninety miles north of Chicago, Milwaukee boasts an eclectic LGBT community. In the mid-2000s, Milwaukee boasted an 81% increase in citizens identifying as LGBT in a study by the Williams Institute. The Historic Third Ward and Walkers Point are two hot neighborhoods for the LGBT community in Milwaukee. Dozens of old warehouses have been converted into amazing lofts, art galleries, chic cafes and stunning lounges. Today, Milwaukee continues to be “A Bright Spot” in Wisconsin and home to Schiltz Brewing Co., “The beer that made Milwaukee famous.”