Virgin Atlantic’s New Ad Features Adorable Gay Couple

Virgin Atlantic’s New Ad Features Adorable Gay Couple

Virgin Atlantic releases a new ad this week highlighting how they make flying with kids easier…complete with over-achieving adorable gay dads.

The British airline, known for cheeky ads, is no stranger to being supportive of LGBT people either. Virgin America, its sister airline, was the official airline of San Francisco Pride in 2016. Mark Anderson, the Executive Vice President of Customer for Virgin Atlantic, was a judge for the 2017 British LGBT Awards and speaks openly about how Virgin and Virgin Atlantic work towards LGBT inclusion. Virgin America also made out YouTube personality and performer Toderick Hall the center of their Safety Video, #VXsafetydance.

The ad starts with 2 super cute kids dressed as flight attendants. (Adorbs!) As they prepare for take-off they inform everyone on the 13-hour flight that children are on board. Parents are reminded not to abandon their children. Then they highlight the extreme displeasure joys of flying with children aboard. And then the fun begins.


During the video, we can see parents in various states of despair. Each one is more miserable than the one before. Excitable children in an enclosed space are no one’s idea of a good time.


But wait! There’s hope on the horizon, Virgin offers children goodie bags (and the ability to silently watch kids’ programming) and children’s meals. Then the child-aged flight attendant gets sassy by shaming parents who didn’t plan ahead. But naturally not the gays–they had a plan that was most likely color coordinated and included brunch. They celebrate with some adorable spirit fingers action.


But gays wouldn’t be gays without being the best. And Virgin knows it. They advise all parents that if their child goes insane has a tantrum, to have gifts on board to ease the pain for everyone. (I would suggest stashing some vodka too for your neighbors.) Of course, the dads have it on lock and the child tells everyone,

And we’d like to congradulate them with making all the other parents feel inadequite.

Well done Virgin for making a great ad and flawlessly including an LGBT couple (and some shade). But I have one question. Where actually is that couple’s child? I see a 2 seat row, and no child for the gays.

Check out the full and adorable ad below or by clicking here.