Ru Paul’s Season 9: “Bring Back Our Girls!”

Ru Paul’s Season 9: “Bring Back Our Girls!”

Ladies and gentleman start your engines and may the BEST WOMAN win!  Yep, it’s that time of the year when we sit in front of our TV screens with a signature cocktail and watch queens get tucked, beat their mugs to the point where we wanna call the cops because they look so freaking good, and scream yassssss KWEEN every 5 minutes.  So we’d figure we would give you the Top 5 things we’re looking forward to seeing this season! Let’s start off by mentioning that the season 9 cast is absolutely EVERYTHING HUNTY!!!  Just look at them!
Now, do you see what we’re talking about!?  These girls didn’t come to play with you hoes (Just sayin’!).
Now, let’s get this countdown started hunty!

1. Lady Gaga

You have no idea how big of a deal this is and from the looks of it, Gaga comes into the showroom as a contestant that impersonates Lady Gaga and fools the other queens. That’s until she announces that it’s really her and she the guest judge for the first week!  UMMMMM HOW MAJOR IS THIS!!!?

2. Snatch Game Episode

If you’re a fan of the show, then you know the Snatch Game is normally the best episode of the season. Now to people who live under a rock and don’t watch the show (SHAME ON YOU!), the “Snatch Game” is a parody of the successful show “The Match Game”.  The challenge is to impersonate a celebrity while attempting to score as many laughs as possible. But these queens look like they’re really gonna bring it this year. Their social media pages alone show how talented they are, so we’re predicting that this season’s Snatch Game is going to be everyyyyythaaaaang!

3. Lip Sync Battle

Who doesn’t love a good lip sync battle between two queens?!  Like, let’s be real here, that’s truly why we watch the show and we just hope these divas can match the amazing lip syncs we’ve had in the past.  Who doesn’t remember the feeling they had when Roxxie pulled off her wig, only to reveal that she had another underneath?  Or when Coco literally knew her song word for word?  And the best of them all: Ginger crawling across the stage!  These new girls BETTA BRING IT!

 4. Queens Enter The Work Room For The First Time

The moment every queen dreams of: Walking into the work room for the very first time and introducing herself to the world!  Now, this is the time to come in your best and that’s exactly what these girls do! Then 3 episodes in you find out that 2 of the best-dressed queens can’t sew (like girl come on – you’re a drag queen for crying out loud).  3 requirements: Know how to beat the hell out of your mug, be funny, AND KNOW HOW TO SEW!!!!! Ok, ok, sorry, had a moment)  But normally that’s the moment when you pick your favorite queen that you want to win (hopefully your favorite can sew and blend her makeup so she doesn’t end up orange).

5. Mother Ru’s Fashions

We had to save the best for last and, honestly, we’re ready to be left speechless with her breath-taking beauty and iconic looks!  And we’re not only talking about her amazing runway looks but her killing suit game when she’s visiting the queens in the work room as well.  She gives you Steve Harvey meets Carrie Bradshaw!  Who doesn’t freak over her elegance?

Now, we hope you’ll be in front of your TV come March 24th watching the season 9 premier. Remember, Mutha Ru is on a new network, so tune into the show on VH1 at 8/7c!  Check out the fierce trailer below!

Until next time!