Phoenix may put off someone who expects cowboys, line dancing, and a conservative attitude, but the truth is that the Valley of the Sun is a culturally diverse metropolis with a thriving LGBT community. Arizona’s capital and largest city is also Southwest’s gay hub and a bastion for LGBTQ rights. Recently, marriage equality in Arizona has prevailed, making Phoenix even more appealing to gay travelers.

Although Phoenix doesn’t have a distinct gayborhood, there is a plethora of gay-friendly and LGBT establishments spread out across the city. However, most of the action takes place in the Biltmore neighborhood and the Mill Avenue District, where gay locals and travelers are looking for the same thing: to have a great time.

A warm city, with 325 of sunny days, Phoenix and its surroundings are worth exploring. From April through November, you can find outdoor festivals happening all over the city, like First Friday, Phoenix Pride in April or Rainbow Festival in October just to name some of them

Located in the heart of a sunny valley, surrounded by mountains and high desert, Phoenix is a nature-lover’s dream. From hiking to rafting, from biking to off-roading, the possibilities are endless.