Transgender Day of Visibility Video Highlights Touching Stories

Transgender Day of Visibility Video Highlights Touching Stories

In a beautiful and powerful message, The Change Project put together a video that features a handful of strong transgender people from Tennessee.

Along with The Change Project, we stand proudly with our transgender friends and families in honor of them and the on-going struggles the trans community has faced. It is important to be vigilant in the equal treatment and acknowledgment of those who are transgender, and work together to make the world a safe place for everyone, regardless of their pronouns, identities, sex, and genders.

I came this close to not surviving high school.

This heart-touching video focuses on some important key elements of what it means to be transgender, including the discussion of violence, invisibility, and the need for a louder voice.

It always comes as a tough reality check to know that there are LGBT youths (and adults) who contemplate self-harm because of their struggles. One trans person said,

If you have the ability to be out and be safe, be out. There are so many people who need someone to look up to.

In the words of The Change Project: “We cannot and will not stand idly by as transgender people face violent political attacks on their communities.”

Watch and listen below to these #TransTennessee stories and be an ally to those who need it most.

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