Amiyah Scott’s Big Break And How She’s Changing The Trans Community

Amiyah Scott’s Big Break And How She’s Changing The Trans Community

In light of the mess that is the presidential campaign, and everything being up in the air for LGBTQ rights, Lee Daniels (creator of the hit show Empire) has always made sure he’s advocate for the LGBTQ community. With his new show “STAR”, he’s enlisted the help of the beautiful trans socialite (and now actress) Amiyah Scott.


Scott, who gained popularity before gracing our TV screens via being a very well known transgender model (and because she’s DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS), has been the talk of the town since “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” approached her to become a member of the successful franchise.  But once word got out, Scott graciously pulled out because she knew something better was out there for her. And she was right.


In an exclusive interview with James Terrell and The YBF, Scott sits down and talks about her character “Cotton” who is the daughter of “Carlotta Brown” played by the oh so talented and Golden Globe winning Queen Latifah.  Cotton is a young lady who is strong willed, determined and a beautiful trans woman.  That historically makes her the FIRST trans character played by a trans woman on a national television series and on an international television network.  Amiyah is showing not just the LGBTQ community, but the trans community, that you should always dream BIG! She’s proof that if you work hard and believe in yourself that the sky is the limit.  Thank you, Amiyah, for showing us that we should shoot for the moon because when we do that we can land on a “STAR”!

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