Founded more than 300 years ago by Englishman, William Penn, on the principles of equality and freedom of expression, Philadelphia has evolved into a tolerant city with open-minded residents. Today, the “City of Brotherly Love” is home to a vibrant gay community and welcoming destination for LGBT travelers.
The birthplace of liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Philly’s LGBT culture can be traced back to the early 20th century, when gay networks would meet privately at underground house parties and other private venues within Center City. With a reputation of being one of the nation’s highly tolerant cities, Philly was the site of some of the first gay right pickets. It was also the first city that had an anti-gay discrimination law in 1982.
With a history so rich in the gay rights movement and civil right measures, gay Philadelphia has now a dynamic and diverse gay community, which is active and highly visible. As a result, Philadelphia is filled with gay-friendly establishments or gay hangouts for everyone’s taste. From clubs, bars, and lounges to restaurants and hotels catered the gay community, gay Philly is a great place to live in or to visit.
Philly’s gayborhood is mostly located from Chestnut to Pine Street, but there are other gay-friendly venues all around the city, including outside Center City.
Philadelphia has also numerous remarkable landmarks that will make any history lover jump with joy. No visit to Philly should be complete without a visit to Independence Hall, where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed or without seeing the Liberty Bell.
For those who are more interested in the city’s culture and art scene that its nightlife, Philadelphia has an impressive numbers of museums, art galleries, and musical venues. If you don’t know where to head, what to do, or where to stay, eat and have a nice time, check out Gayborhood’s list of gay friendly or owned businesses.