LGBT-Friendly Denver Restaurants You Have Try

LGBT-Friendly Denver Restaurants You Have Try

Good old Denver, Colorado.  This eclectic city is known for the active outdoor lifestyle it provides, it’s wonderful seasonal weather, and very diverse community.  But, what a lot of people don’t know is that it’s home to some really fantastic local restaurants that are to die for. We’re here to introduce you to some of them, so get your pen and pad ready because we’re taking you on trip around the world your tastebuds will want to take pictures of! 👅 📷

Under The Umbrella

This cute and cozy bakery/cafe has everything you’d love if you had to pick a place to do a little work from;

  • Only serves breakfast & lunch
  • Vegetarian options
  • Everything is made in house and baked fresh daily
  • Live jazz music

So, walk in, grab one of their delicious “Blue Berry Bars” or a “Bacon Pesto Croissant” and knock out that report you have to get done.

Back East Bar And Grill

If you love a good pizza then this is the place for you!
  • New York style pizza
  • Family owned pizzeria since 1980
  • 3 locations in the Denver area
  • Live music
  • Amazing food and drink specials
Our fave is the “Combo Plate”: Boneless wings, Spicy Tater Munchers, onion rings, & mozzarella sticks (served with tons of ranch, obvi) a refreshing IPA, and you can also enjoy the game on one of their many TV flat screens!

Yaffa’s Savory Mediterranean Culinaria

Why not challenge your tastebuds and try something new?  That’s more of a reason to try this delectable restaurant.
  • Explore healthy Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Authentic soups
  • Unique salads
  • Amazing dessert (sweet cheese strudel, bob & baklava, and no cream cheese cheesecake)

Come in as Chef Yaffa cooks you up something you’ll never forget!

Americatus New World Italian

5 years old and still pushing the mold! Americatus focuses on staying true to tradition with fresh made pasta, cheese, and sausages, all done in-house and by-hand.

  • Slow-braised meats
  • Simplistic and sincere service
  • Lunch specials
  • Fantastic happy hours
  • Cute Thursday date nights

Bring your booty in and get a taste of Italy!

Govinda’s Garden Vegan Cafe

The original and oldest vegan buffet in Denver since 1989!  Yup, you read that right – 27 years this amazing restaurant has been in business, giving vegetarian and vegan customers a place to call home!

  • Vegetarian and vegan cafe
  • Head chef has 30 years practicing a healthy lifestyle with Ayurvedic & vegetarian cooking
  • Serves 100% plant-based food
  • All salad dressing, bread, & pastries are made with organic & vegan ingredients

Go in and order two of our faves on the menu: Vegetable Croquettes and Fresh Veggie Pakoras, and thank us later!

Now is the time to get up, get out, and explore these lovely LGBT-friendly restaurants! And hey, you never know you may see another fan of Gayborhood getting a bite too!

Until next time!