Five Ways to Survive the Holiday With Your Sanity

Five Ways to Survive the Holiday With Your Sanity

Although many people look forward to the holidays, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Some even find themselves so stressed out that they have a hard time enjoying the holidays. If you are one of these people, here are five simple suggestions that will help you enjoy the holidays more and put the cheer back in your season.

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Do More of Your Shopping Online

Shopping for Christmas gifts is one of the most stressful and often least pleasant aspects of the holiday season. Pushing through lines at crowded stores and getting stuck in traffic at malls are hardly good ways to enjoy oneself. Instead, try doing as much of your shopping online as possible. By making your purchases from the comfort of your home, you’ll reduce your anxiety levels and likely even save money in the process. 

Get in the Mood With Holiday Movies and Music

Sometimes, the simplest holiday traditions truly are the best. If you have found that the holidays have become too stressful, take an hour to relax and enjoy some classic carols or favorite Christmas films from your childhood. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be back in the holiday mood and ready to get back to your own preparations. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation always does the trick for me.

 Have a Friendly Get-Together

The holidays are a busy time for everybody, which often leads to less quality time spent with friends in the weeks before Christmas. You can easily solve this problem by hosting a holiday get-together for good friends. Have everyone bring a dish, watch a few holiday movies and unwind with the people you like best. If you and your friends all have present wrapping to do, you can even turn this event into a wrapping party.

 Take a Vacation Day or Two

If your job allows you to take vacation days during the holiday season, use a day or two of your accrued vacation time to get your preparations in order. Balancing work and the many tasks of the season can be extremely difficult, so take some time off if possible. You’ll find that it makes it easier to keep your schedule balanced and stress-free, leading to a more enjoyable experience all around.

Take the Pressure Off of Yourself

Perhaps the biggest cause of stress at the holidays is the fact that people put far too much pressure on themselves. Many people end up obsessing over whether or not they are giving the best gifts, throwing the best parties or even putting up the best decorations. If you want to enjoy the season, don’t worry so much about such things. Simply spend time with friends and family, have some fun, and don’t let the pressure build up to a point that it spoils the entire season for you.

Use some or all of these tips to help get you through the holiday season so you don’t become this guy…