Boosting a strong tech industry and a progressive attitude, Austin has developed a reputation of being Texas’ gay capitol. Adding to the fame, Austin is renowned for its live-music scene – South by Southwest being one of its most famous festivals – and blooming arts scene.

A gay watering hole in an otherwise conservative state, Austin has a vibrant and rather large gay scene comparing to bigger cities. Although there isn’t any particular gayborhood, Austin’s gay community is welcomed and well-integrated. As a result, there are plenty of gay-friendly and gay businesses that are developed throughout the city. This means that you will often see gays and straights hanging out at the same bars and dance clubs.

Most of the gay bars, clubs, and restaurants are located in Warehouse District and are within walking distance one from another. Since the University of Texas is at the heart of the city, Austin’s bars are frequented by a younger and hip crowd.
Oilcan Harry’s and Rain on the 4th are two of the most famous bars in the city and no visit to Austin should be complete without making a stop at these gay watering holes. Gay bathhouse, Midtowne Spa Austin, is also a popular destination for gay locals and travelers.
There are many ways you can spend your time in this modern and liberal city. Austinites love being outdoors and staying active, so you will find various events, live concerts, and festivals taking place all year-round. Austin also has the greatest number of bookstores per capita in the country.
From gay dance clubs to bookstore, from bathhouses to live music, there are a lot of things to do in gay Austin that can please any craze.