Chicago is, undoubtedly, America’s best sports town. But not everything here is synonymous with baseball, football, basketball, or any other sporting event. With a major theater scene, a strong tradition of music and musical innovation, and historical landmarks, the Windy City is a center of culture, entertainment, and diversity.

Chicago, America’s third largest city after New York and Los Angeles, has one of the fastest growing gay populations in the country. Boystown, which has been voted the world’s most “Incomparable Gay Neighborhood” by readers of Out Traveler in 2014, is the center of the gay scene, but great gay bars can be found everywhere. Home to a vibrant and thriving community, Boystown is filled with some of the best of Chicago’s gay bars, clubs, hip restaurants, and trendy shops.

Andersonville is another district with a dedicated gay scene, and you will find many gays and lesbians living, dining, and partying there.

With plenty to do all year-round, Chicago offers a great variety of attractions. The city’s rich architecture and historical landmarks will be a delight for cosmopolitan travelers. Those interested in sports will surely find a game or two that they would love to attend, while shopaholics will find a fashion wonderland at Chicago’s malls and boutiques.

You shouldn’t miss the Chicago Pride Weekend, a two-day festival that takes place on the final weekend in June of each year. A major arts, commerce, dining, and shopping scene, Chicago is sure to offer you and experience you will never forget.