Top 5 LGBT-Friendly Restaurants To Visit In New Orleans

Top 5 LGBT-Friendly Restaurants To Visit In New Orleans

We all know that New Orleans is the land where you can drink until you can’t stand anymore, but it’s also the land of GREAT food – with everything from tasty pastries to yummy pizza, to incredible seafood, and vegetarian fare! We want to make sure that anyone visiting knows about our favorite hotspots to stuff our faces while in the big ole’ N.O!

1. Wood Pizza Bistro and Taphouse

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown in the Warhorse District, Wood Pizza Bistro and Taphouse is the place to go if yu love pizza and wings! And with a full bar, 40 different beers on tap, and sensational specialty cocktails, you’re sure to have a good time!

2. Carmo – A Tropical Café and Bar

A tropical restaurant and bar that committed to providing vegans, vegetarians and omnivores with healthy and affordable dishes! And yes, we said healthy AND affordable!  From the Burmese Tea Leaf Salad to Shima Sashimi, they have a little bit of everything to wild and excite your taste buds.

3. St. James Cheese Company

If you love cheese and wine, this is the place for you! St. James Cheese Company specializes in providing their guests with a meticulously selected and unexpected assortment of perfectly ripe cheeses. But fresh cheeses aren’t the only thing you can get from St. James Cheese Company.  Take a bite into their specialty sandwiches while you stock up on your household groceries as well. And with two locations, waiting in long lines isn’t a problem.

4. EAT New Orleans

–  Gay owned and operated! This charming, casual, and BYOB encouraged restaurant is our little secret (that isn’t such a secret anymore).  It was opened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with the sole mission to preserve and celebrate the traditions of N.O through food.  That means don’t make any plans but taking a nap after eating here.  With all local dishes, farm-fresh ingredients, and local seafood we’re sure you’re going to be licking your plate when you’re done!

5. The Country Club

Who doesn’t like $15 bottomless mimosas, amazing food, and day drag!?  And that’s exactly what The Country Club is giving you EVERY SUNDAY!  You can’t go wrong with truffle mac-n-cheese and BBQ shrimp & grits, while the beautiful and oh so sassy cast of the Southern Barbitchuates give you and incredible show you won’t forget!