All The World Needs Is A Little Love…With A Splash Of Drag!

All The World Needs Is A Little Love…With A Splash Of Drag!

With everything that’s happened this past year, we’ve needed a little unity. Unexpectly, NYC-based drag queen Monét X Change and Tulsa, Oklahoma native Jeannine Glover gave us just that!

Monét X Change, who sat down in the middle of Time Square with no agenda or hopes anything happening, got dressed in full drag in the midst of a thousands of tourists.  What happened next was a heart warming turn of events: Jeannine Glover, born and raised in Oklahoma state, sat down with her and sparked up a friendly conversation.  Two people with absolutley nothing in common (except respect towards each other’s differences) quickly bonded and became fast friends.  Monét X Change wrote on her Facebook, “I set out on this project, with no expectations and it was honestly one of the most organically beautiful things to ever happen to me.”  

She also said, “With racial tension at a boiling point in this country, this beautiful white woman comes over with eyes of love, and a heart of compassion.  To just make a friend, and now we are bonded for life.”  Honestly, we can all take note from these two amazing women! All we need is a little unity and to stand together – no matter if we’re gay, straight, black, or white. This proves that love is the key, and it never hurts to throw in a little drag!

Check out the full video of this amazing friendship below and let me know what you think!

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